There was a misprint on batches VSLN & VSKS of 10 ML Vapour 2 E-Liquid. The correct expiration date is July 2019.

Vapour 2 Power-Cig

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Vapour 2 Power-Cig
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Battery: Vapour 2 Power-Cig Black

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The Vapour 2 Power-Cig is the ultimate vapor machine! We call it the Power-Cig because it throws super thick vapor. The Power-Cig warms the vapor liquid to the perfect temperature to create a smooth and very thick vapor. This device is not subject to battery degradation, so the vapor thickness stays consistent. This device throws even more vapor than the Vapour 2 manual batteries; so it really kicks! The Power-Cig is perfect for the office or home user that spends a lot of time working at a desk. With the Power-Cig you can plug any Vapour 2 Flavor Cartridge into your desktop computer, USB hub, or Vapour 2 power adapter (wall or car). You can use the Power-Cig when you’re stationary and save your batteries for when you're on the go.

The Vapour 2 Power-Cig is equipped with a 7.2-foot (2.2 m) stretch enhanced cord designed for use with a desktop computer situated beneath a desk. Plug the Vapour 2 Power-Cig into any standard USB port and get the thick vapor you crave without batteries! Available in white or black, with manual switch only. Comes with one 5-pack of Flavor Cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength.


  • 1 5-pack Vapour 2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Power-Cig

See the Flavor Descriptions Page for more details on each flavor.


Customer Reviews

best cartridge option, but breaks after a while Review by tsr
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This is definitely the best way to smoke the V2 cartridges, but unfortunately they cannot withstand transport. Works great as desk equipment - hook it up to your PC and off you go. I've been using it with power banks as well - great like that, because it dooesn't leak and you don't have to worry about keeping it in upright position - it just works! Drawback is that is you use it as a portable it will break after a while. I've been using this system for about 5 years and in that time I've gone through at least 10 of them (only had to replace the one hooked up to the PC once). Also make sure that you don't use power banks marked with "IQ" USB ports. This device cannot talk to intelligent controllers and you will have to keep unplugging it. works best with 1A power banks in my experience - 2A also fine, but just burns quicker through the cartridge. (Posted on 1/18/2018)
Excellent product Review by Christoph
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I have been using the Vapour 2 Power-Cig for a couple months now and I don't have anything negative to say about it.
The spring like part of the cord actually prevents me from accidentally pulling it out of the usb port. This is a bonus function on the intended stretch function of the cord.
The consistent thick smoke this e-sig produces trumps any battery I have tried so far. Most batteries lose their punch too fast to my liking, while the power gets drained from them.
If you spend most of your day at the computer, like me, this is the product for you!
P.S. With a car usb charger it might also be good for truckers and other people spending most of their time on the road. I haven't tried this yet, but I sure intend to. (Posted on 4/21/2016)
Very Good product Review by helena
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This is very good product! (Posted on 9/24/2015)
Very good E-sig, exept for the "strech enhanced cord" Review by Roger
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Better would have been:
"The Vapour 2 Power-Cig is equipped with a 7.2-foot (2.2 m) BEWITCHED cord".

It is a contineous struggle to keep the cigarette on my desk.
This is not a cord but a spring.

Exept for the above, it works great. (Posted on 2/24/2015)
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