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Vapour 2

EX Series

Vapour 2 Pro

  • Series 7 E-Liquid Cartridge

    Take your e-liquid experience to the next level with the large storage capacity and extended battery life of Series 7
  • Series 7 Loose Leaf Cartridge

    Customize your temperature setting or let smart technology transform your preferred ingredient into thick clouds of rich vapor.
  • Series 7 Wax Cartridge

    Capable of vaporizing wax, gel and similar concentrates at temperatures of 600°C


  • Premium E-Liquid Cartridge

    One e-liquid cartridge is included with your kit. Its large storage capacity allows the OCB Premium e-liquid cartridge to deliver thick vapor clouds without the need for frequent refills.
  • Premium Loose Leaf Cartridge

    The loose leaf cartridge for OCB Premium warms your preferred ingredient to optimal temperature through conduction heating. Cartridge storage capacity roughly equals 385 cubic millimeters.

Vapor Couture