There was a misprint on batches VSLN & VSKS of 10 ML Vapour 2 E-Liquid. The correct expiration date is July 2019.

Vapour 2 Battery - EX Series

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Vapour 2 Battery - EX Series
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Our most powerful battery to date

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Get to know the latest in battery innovation from Vapour 2.

Our most stylish battery to date, the EX Battery combines sleek design with robust vapor production. Break-through technology provides a much higher puff count than comparatively sized batteries. We replaced the plastic tip with a solid finish and added charge indicator lights to the body. These tiny LED lights glow when you puff, showing how much power remains before your battery needs to be recharged.

Our innovation didn’t stop at performance. By popular demand, we’re thrilled to offer the EX Battery in five, unique design choices: Opal, Brushed Steel, Matte Black, Blue Pearl and Rose Gold. Each battery arrives with a cartridge sleeve that fits neatly over both Vapour 2 Classic and EX Cartridges*. A rubber ring at the base of your EX Battery catches the sleeve and holds it firmly in place. We included three spare rings in your EX Battery package so that you’ll have a replacement on hand should the original get lost.

EX Batteries are now available in your choice of power switch: automatic or our manual function. In addition to activating your battery, the button on our manual EX Battery also serves as an on/off switch. Simply press the button three times to power on or off your battery.

The Vapour 2 EX Battery operates at 4.2 volts, 280 mAh. Length: 100 mm /3.94". 135 mm /5.31” with Flavor Cartridge attached. Diameter: 9.5 mm /0.38"

*EX Cartridge Sleeves do not fit over the EX Blank Cartridges.



The dynamic design that’s right for you:

The delicate shimmer of our EX Opal Battery puts any gemstone to shame. Held up to the light, this battery glows with an iridescent rainbow of subtle sparkles. Battery comes with white indicator lights and the Vapour 2 logo in silver.

Brushed Steel 
This battery picks up where Stainless Steel left off. Futuristic metal casing creates a streamlined look that pairs well with any wardrobe. Battery comes with white indicator lights and the Vapour 2 logo in black.

Matte Black 
Take stealth vaping to the next level with our Matte Black EX Battery. The muted finish of this battery ensures enjoyment at your discretion, no matter where you are. Battery comes with white indicator lights and the Vapour 2 logo in red.

Blue Pearl 
The ocean-inspired shade of our Blue Pearl Battery is an eye-catching choice for any beach lover. This lustrous shade has a pearly sheen that is truly one-of-a-kind. Battery comes with white indicator lights and the Vapour 2 logo in white.

Rose Gold 
One of our most popular Vapor Couture shades has joined the Vapour 2 EX lineup! Subdued pink hues accent the color of pure gold for a look guaranteed to satisfy the most sophisticated vaper. Battery comes with white indicator lights and the Vapour 2 logo in white.


It’s the Vapour 2 you know – multiplied by WOW!


Customer Reviews

Carbon fiber Review by Ask
How do you rate this product?
Where is carbon fiver color? (Posted on 1/13/2018)
I Love It..You Will Too Review by Sudhir
How do you rate this product?
Have been using V2 EX-series batteries and cartridges since July 2015 and they have helped me QUIT SMOKING cigarettes :)
Love my EX series for the sleek look...never fails to get a 'wow' from people who realize it's not a pen but an e-cig!!
Easy to use, great flavour choices.
Thoroughly recommend it!!! (Posted on 1/20/2017)
In doubt about these batteries in the long run. Review by Farye
How do you rate this product?
I've bought these batteries almost a year ago. It helped me to quit smoking so I was very thankful for that. However I've had to purchase another one since my first one just stopped working after about a year. It stopped having connection, so whenever you vaped it just wouldn't come through, like the battery was flat. I've tried many things but nothing helped. I've bought another one and three months later the exact same story! I liked them in the beginning but I am not pleased with these batteries on a long run, I'm sorry. (Posted on 1/16/2016)
Absolutely love it Review by v2 fan
How do you rate this product?
I receive my starter kit a month ago. I absolutely love it. The taste is great

I havent smoke a cigarette anymore. I find the taste even
beter than a Marlboro cigarette. Ik you are a marlboro smoker i suggest v2 red. Absolutely great! !

(Posted on 3/7/2015)
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